Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) is a joint initiative of the European Commission and European Space Agency, which aims at achieving an autonomous and operational Earth observation capacity. The key for operational GMES services is to have an appropriate governance and business model structure supporting these services. GMES is the European Union contribution to the Global Earth Observation System of Systems GEOSS. The role of the Bulgarian Information Office for GMES, is to support this process through exchange of information, transfer of knowledge and good experience, promotion of initiatives, and establishing contacts between potential partners, services providers and users.

Initiative expert group

for developing Bulgarian operational capacity in GMES


to the Bulgarian Information Office for GMES (BIOG)

GMES - Bulgaria project aims to support the participation of Bulgaria and other member-states and candidate countries in the European Earth Observation Program - Global Monitoring for Environment and Security. The establishment of a single national point called Bulgarian Information Office for GMES (BIOG) will concentrate information, advisory and support activities related to GMES in one institution, what should result in an increased efficiency and synergy.

The project focuses on the following priorities:

  • Support for participation of Bulgarian institutions, organizations in GMES thematic projects and introduction of institutions from other candidate countries into these projects
  • Support in developing national and regional operational capacity in GMES services
  • Support for growth of user segment of GMES-related projects
  • Enhancing the active participation of the Community‚Äôs small and medium enterprises, especially those from the (new) member states still not so experienced in the space applications market
  • Support to the realization of a special capacity building unit as part of the GMES program (including the space segment) in the (new) member states
  • Clear distinction and different approach between environmental monitoring and risk and security management
  • Support to the close cooperation between EU Program GMES and EU Directive INSPIRE and the use of reference information systems (data bases) for harmonization in the process of integration of the spatial data base
  • Support for the establishment of a European Mediterranean Network for risk and security management


Contact:   Mr Stefan Daskalov

Tel/Fax: (+359 2) 470 90 75
Postal Address: 9, Kokiche Str. BG, 1164 Sofia, Bulgaria